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Learn how Aerospac services can improve your certification handling processes.
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Online receipt of supplier documentation - Most certification documentation is provided with shipment of parts and raw materials. Frequently, the required documentation is misplaced or defective, delaying the movement of materials into manufacturing. Read the story of a typical receiving/inspector's day

Aerospac allows your suppliers to upload documentation at time of shipment so the paperwork can be reviewed and bought off prior to receipt of parts and raw materials. The documentation remains immediately accessible on Aerospac's online database and can be forwarded online to your customers, improving traceability while eliminating the inefficiencies associated with the paper equivalents.

Kevin Creech, Director of Quality at Eaton Aerospace, states that Aerospac "has greatly enhanced ease of access for quality personnel and has saved a person and a half over the previous paper-based process."
Online transmission of customer documentation - Aerospac allows your customers secure, 24/7 access to quality-related documentation. Eliminate last-minute calls or emails from your customers because they did not receive the proper documentation from you. Your customers can have immediate access to their documentation on the Aerospac website.
Read the story of a typical shipping clerk's day.

Total automation of the shipping process - Once set up, the Aerospac Cert Package Automater (Aerospac CPA ©) requires no action on the userís part to transmit the designated documentation and data to the website. There is also an option in the program to print or email cert packages for those customers who do not use Aerospac.

Jason Cox at Cox machine states that "Cox Machine uses Aerospac to automatically upload certifications to several of our customers. This saves us considerable time in preparing shipments and places the information in a database accessible by both parties."
Aerospac is the industry's only standardized platform for securely moving electronic documentation from supplier to customer.

Certification documentation can be uploaded to you at time of shipment, allowing you to review the paperwork before receiving the parts. Aerospac also acts as an offsite backup, allowing you to immediately find and retrieve documentation in the future.

This is how easy it is to get set up with your top supplier at no cost to either party:

Step 1: Your supplier visits Aerospac and fills out a simple form to request an account.

Step 2: Your supplier will receive instructions for logging into Aerospac and uploading your cert packages to you. The process takes about one minute and is as easy as sending an e-mail.

Step 3: Log in to Aerospac to view and approve electronic certifications in Aerospac's searchable database.
Since its inception in 1999 with the Boeing Company, Aerospac has been entrusted with management of electronic documentation at all levels of the supply chain, Companies who have implemented Aerospac include Boeing, TMX Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna, Bralco Metals, and many other first and second tier contractors.

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