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Eliminate scanning paperwork entirely:

The Aerospac receiving/inspection service allows suppliers to upload PDF documentation at time of shipment for acceptance or rejection. Corrective action is immediately initiated by inspectors prior to receipt of material. There is no need to involve purchasing. Read A Day in the Life of a Receiving/Inspector. Aerospac is a proven, industry-wide online receiving/inspection process for supplier documentation.

Aerospac provides the following upgrades to paper-based receiving processes:

Modernize your Supply Chain

The Aerospac Supplier Portal allows suppliers to upload their PDF documents directly to their customers, instead of requiring them to print and ship paper documents, which then must be re-scanned and indexed upon receipt. This dramatically speeds up the review process and provides immediate and permanent traceability, thus reducing costs for both customer and supplier.

Proven Cost Reduction

Scanning, storing, and indexing your supplier certs is costly. Aerospac is designed to drive down your costs and improve your processes. Contact us for a copy of our interactive Aerospac AI Cost Benefit Calculator to learn how much you can save. Click here to read more about shipping/receiving solutions.

Manage Supplier Manufacturing Information

Collect supplier information in a way you never imagined with Aerospac AI. Aerospac AI will collect your supplier documentation from the supplier at the point of shipment. Its advanced software will also capture raw material and process data from supplier documentation for internal acceptance and import into your data processing system, providing computerized review of incoming documentation.

We're confident we can drive down your administrative costs substantially by reducing the amount of paperwork you have to handle.

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