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If your company does not have an Aerospac account, please click here to request one.  Only one account per company is necessary. If you already have an account, but lost your User ID or password, e-mail for help.
You are probably here because a customer asked you to participate in the Aerospac process. Here are some commonly-asked questions we receive:

Do I have to re-key data into Aerospac that I already have in my local database?

No. There are multiple solutions to allow for exporting data from your database directly to Aerospac. E-mail or call 949.678.9777 for help implementing an automated solution.

How does this improve my own process?

Traceability is permanent. Never again will you have to worry that a document package is lost or otherwise not immediately available for your customer.

All documentation submitted to Aerospac remains on file in its original, unaltered form, accessible in an organized database from any computer with Web access by an authorized user. Your documents are safe from data loss, natural disaster, or misplacement.

Why use Aerospac?

Aerospac is an industry standard, multi-tiered process. This means you can use the same process for all your customers and all your suppliers. You won't need to juggle multiple logins for multiple websites, or worry about how to move your documents between systems. If you do need to get data out of Aerospac, we make it easy to export - ensuring universal compatibility.

Using Aerospac will help promote a standardized process and reduce the costs associated with paper-handling and multiple processes.

Will this increase my costs?

The Aerospac process has been proven to reduce costs. Instead of printing paper to ship and store, Aerospac facilitates the movement of documentation and data throughout the supply chain.

Aerospac can move electronic documentation and data directly from you to your customer and directly from your suppliers to you. The process can be automated to save additional time and money, and improve reliability.

Why can't I just e-mail my documents?

E-Mail was not designed to index documents, or to move large data packages. It offers poor long-term traceability and poor security. Aerospac is designed to meet the needs of the Aerospace industry; e-mail is not.

Click here to request your Aerospac account.
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